Born in Milan in 1985 to Sri Lankan parents, he grew up on the multicultural outskirts of Milan during the nineties. To satisfy his parents he became a qualified accountant but felt very soon after a desire to take a different path.

Residing in England from 2007-2013, it is here he discovered his interest as well as potential in artistic photography. This interest was explored whilst studying Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster, while, at the same time working as a chef in an Italian restaurant.

He started to immerse himself in the world of photography through regularly visiting galleries and attending exhibitions. Before exhibiting his work publicly, he managed and curated the exhibitions of other artists.

Not feeling completely satisfied with the superficiality and busyness of London, he decided to leave, embarking on a two year trip around Asia.

During this time he carries out a project focussing on the rediscovery of his roots as well as several other projects in Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand - developed in collaboration with various NGOs on the ground.

The rhythm, spirit and philosophy of the trip has led him to investigate and pursue, to a further extent, his interest through sharing the stories that he came across on his journey. He returned to Italy in 2015 where is continuing his work of the photographical storytelling of social issues.